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Adrianna is 26, she originally comes from Poland but came to the UK 2 years ago. When she first arrived she was working as an Au pair for a family where she looked after their children and lived in the house with the family. After being here for a year, her employer lost her job and couldn't afford to keep Adrianna on.

She managed to find part-time work in a local shop and shares a flat above the shop with some other women who come from Russia. Her boss and the landlord of the flat is called Max and they started a relationship shortly after Adrianna moved in. Max said he can help Adrianna get a better job and then they can move into their own place together. Adrianna doesn't see Max much - he is out a lot and, when he is in the shop, he takes lots of calls on his mobile where he talks in Russian. Adrianna feels isolated and she misses her family and also misses the family she worked for.

Max said he had found her another Au-Pair job with a family but, when Adrianna went along with Max for a visit, there were no children in the house - only men. Max said if Adrianna had sex with one of the men he would give her a good job looking after children. Adrianna refused but Max said she must do it - if she didn't he would make her leave her job and the flat.

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