Cyber Security has become increasingly important as individuals and organisations of all types and sizes have developed a stronger reliance on IT and online systems. 

Cyber security is an important consideration for Schools and Colleges who have a duty to secure their devices, online services, and the data that they hold from theft, damage, and unauthorised access.

As increasing numbers of media reports highlight, schools are a growing target for acts of Cyber criminality. A cybersecurity incident can affect the ability to function, to secure data and adversely damage the school or MAT’s reputation.

School leaders and governing bodies have a responsibility to ensure that they are aware of cyber risks and that they are adequately prepared in the event of a cyber incident in the same way that they follow procedures for all other areas of risk management.

“Cyber security should be high on the agenda for any school with a reliance on IT and online systems.”


Training & Support

Self-paced training is not for everyone. 

Our experienced consultants can deliver training specifically to your staff, governors or pupils.

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We have brought the National Cyber Security Centre self-paced training here for your convenience.
Each module includes a quick quiz to consolidate your learning at the end of each of the following modules.

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Schools are increasingly reliant on technology for their day to day working.

Email, lesson plans and management information systems (MIS) are crucial parts of everyday life. The NCSC training highlights the importance for Cyber Awareness in staff who play a valuable role in protecting the school.

Policies, proceedures and processes are also curcial. The ICT Service offer a Cyber Security Health Check auditing and reporting the findings for your school based a 65 point check list

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  • Because schools hold lots of sensitive data which can be very valuable to cyber criminals
  • Because schools frequently present weaknesses in technologies and processes
    • Schools make lots of financial transactions. Often these are signed off by just one person
    • IT may be dated and therefore more vulenrable to attack
    • A dedicated security and fraud team is not affordable
  • Schools may just get caught up in a wider criminal activity, not specifically targetted at the education sector
  • Staff or Pupils could be responsible intentionally or accidentally

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